"Helping the impoverished people of the Cape with emphasis on the education of children."

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a group of like-minded people who formed Cape Care Charity as a natural extension to our individual voluntary charity work both locally and internationally. With time we have added friends from as far afield as Finland, USA, UK and Holland. With this website we hope to expand even further.

Cape Care Charity, as the name implies, was established to help the marginalized people in the Cape. With our motto ‘From your hand to their hands‘ our hands cannot reach further than the Cape.

The Cape population is predominantly Colored with ancestry from the indigenous people of the Khoi and the San combined with the migration from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Europe, Northwest Africa and even China.

Since 2007 the South African legislation orders a quota system whereby employment, housing, social benefits and educational placements shall follow the country’s National demographics rather than the Provincial – as the case was before. This has left the 58% of Cape Coloreds in a precarious situation as only 8% of them fall into the legal right for employment etc. Their level of poverty is steadily increasing.

We hope you will take time to peruse the following pages and find it in your heart to support our various projects.